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Property management

100% carefree rental with
prop. management by JM verhuur

Extra services

Next to rentals JM verhuur offers also property management for landlords.

Technical management

Don’t you want the responsibility of the leaking tap or the boiler which need to be fixed? Let us handle this carefully. We will take care of it and charge you. Next to this, all the invoices will be sent to you whom you could pay immediately.

Financial management

When we will do your financial management, the tenants will pay JM verhuur. When they don’t pay in time, we will contact them. We will deposit the rent monthly to you. When a tenant stays in default, we will contact you and discuss what the next steps will be. You will be charged monthly for this service by us.

Commercial management

JM verhuur does the total property management for you, so you can let careless.

For more information or the charges, please contact us via mail or call 06-25371583.

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